Jon’s primary goal as a drum set and percussion instructor is to give the student a strong foundation in drumming. From there, the student will be able to go in whichever direction they choose. While there is a basic framework, lessons are tailored to each student’s needs in order to help them attain their goals and enjoy the process.

Lessons focus on technique, music reading, learning songs, rudiments, musical styles and the history of drumming. Jon has written a number of teaching books including Beginning Rhythm Reading, Groove Studies, A Brief History of Drummers, and The Moeller Technique along with other materials, which are used in lessons.

Background & Location

Jon has been giving drum lessons since 1992 and has had the opportunity to work with many talented and wonderful people of all ages and experience levels. Jon currently teaches lessons from his studio in Longmont, CO. Please email him with inquiries. A free consultation is recommended for anyone considering lessons.


“Through drum lessons with Jon, my son found confidence, focus and ambition. Jon inspires him to work hard and to believe in himself.”
– Rachel M. student’s parent

“I knew since my very first lesson with Jon that I was in for an incredible journey. While studying with Jon, he shared countless pearls of wisdom, opened my eyes to a world of amazing music, and helped me reach the goals I wanted to achieve with my drumming.”
– Shawn C. past student and Berklee College of Music graduate

“Every time a student studies with Jon, that student not only comes away with tremendous technique and skills but a keen sense of musicianship and desire to learn more. Jon’s natural ability to see where a student is and where they want to go is a gift.”
– Doug C. SVVS Band Director

“Jon combines an intense knowledge of drummers, fun/playfulness, discipline, and amazing personal charisma to make deep connections with his students. I believe this connection translates into a love of drumming and music for the kids.”
– Rusty R. student’s parent

“Jon’s lessons are fun, focused, comfortable, and well rounded. With this approach, Jon has been able to build Edie’s skills to a level that allow her to confidently play live concerts on stage with other very talented young musicians. And most importantly, Edie loves taking lessons from Jon.”
– Chris G. student’s parent

“After taking drum lessons for 9 years I have learned most how to have self-discipline and motivation.”
– Kathryn S. past student

“I’ve found Jon’s breadth of experience, musical knowledge, technical expertise and teaching skills to be just what I needed.”
– Jeff S. past student