MountainCity ~ A Family Band

By February 14, 2016Music

In my early 20s I was the band leader for a church youth group in Longmont – Planet Youth. It was a singular experience and highlighted by being in a band with my brother, Dave. Growing up I remember us jamming on Jimi Hendrix – Purple Haze even before he was a teenager (I was thrilled and proud my kid brother played guitar so well), but we’d never been in a band before.

Over the years I would frequently come back to the idea of being in a band together, and, while we would play on occasion, nothing consistent worked out. And honestly, we’ve had our ups and downs and it’s taken time and perspective for us to iron some things out.

But now, here we are! Presenting the band MountainCity 🙂

Dave and Tara (his wife) have laid a ton of ground work to get MountainCity started. The first song, This Is Love, has been recorded and released, website is up, social media is in place (see Facebook, Instagram, YouTube) and the first show is in the books.

We’re also doing a Kickstarter so we can record some more music. See below.

Like with any business, you need start-up capital – someone who believes in you and is willing to invest. Traditionally this would be a record label but the music business landscape has changed making this a less feasible option. So rather than go into debt or try to find a record deal that would leave us hamstrung, we’re asking people to listen to the music, check out the social media and consider donating to help us see if the music will strike a chord.

Regardless, I hope you’ll enjoy discovering MountainCity! This is something I never thought I’d be able to do and I’m grateful for the chance to play in a family band 😉


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